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Project Details

This exciting but complex building combines a church, welfare and community services, Divisional Headquarters and three other business units. The Plans & Approvals team and more than 10 consultants, fast tracked a high quality outcome for the client. There was extensive collaboration between the various Salvation Army Officers, business managers and their property team.

The design has achieved ‘people friendly’ spaces with good flow and ease of way finding while working within the existing structure and retaining existing service areas. The Worship Hall was strategically located to maximise the ceiling height, and with a wide corridor incorporated at the entry point to facilitate pedestrian flow during peak times, it allowed people to congregate without disrupting flow.

Offices are located centrally, and open plan areas around the building perimeter capitalised on natural lighting, while extensive use of operable walls allows flexibility and adaptability of spaces. A six-metre high backlit steel and distressed timber cross to both street frontages completes the structure.

On 31 August 2012 at the BDA (Building Designers Association) Awards 2012, Tyrrells Plans & Approvals received commendations in the categories of 'Commercial Alterations & Additions' and 'Non-residential Interiors' for their work on The Salvation Army project in Auburn

Site area: 1792m2
Floor area: 3374m2
Construction cost: $3.8m
Construction time: 10 months