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The Client Brief

If you are considering a new building or renovation, the Client Brief contains important questions and information about the building work you want to do. We encourage you to download the Client Brief below that applies to your project and fill it out before we meet with you on site.

Client Brief for Renovations
Let us help transform your existing home
Client Brief for New Homes
We can help you design your new dream home
Client Brief for Concept Makeovers
Thinking of a makeover? Start here
Useful Stuff

We want to get the drawings accurate and complete. We also want you to avoid the usual silly mistakes. So why not get up to speed with what really happens when you renovate or build? You can review many of Tyrrells' best practice tips here.

Plans & Approvals Flowchart
How the design & approvals process works
Building Process Flowchart
How the building process works
Owner Builder Handbook
Your bible if you plan on DIY
Who's Who in the Building Zoo?
Confused about who does what? This will help
ABC of Building
Step by step of how it happens.
For more Checklists, Flowcharts & Published Articles click here

Tyrrells Architects Plans & Approvals has experience in the industry and a detailed knowledge of construction that has enabled us to have a series of architectural details within our ever-growing resource library.