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Jerry Tyrrell
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Jerry is a registered architect, building consultant and licensed builder. He is the founder of Tyrrells Property Inspections and the Tyrrells Architects Plans & Approvals division.


  • Graduate Certificate in Performance-based Building & Fire Codes, Victoria University

  • Certificate of Attainment Fire Safety Advisor - Qld Fire & Rescue Service / Qld Gov't
  • Contractor License (Builder) Qld
  • Builder's Licence NSW

  • Certificate III Carpentry - TAFE
  • Certificate IV Building - TAFE

  • Asbestos Identification and Management, TAFE

  • Height Safety Awareness Certificate

  • Occupational Health & Safety Induction Training for Construction Work

  • Essential Fire and Other Safety Measures, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors

  • Accreditation Certificate in Commercial Mediation, ACDC

  • Master of Building (Incomplete), University of New South Wales

  • Building Consultant Accreditation, Master Builder's Association

  • Pest Control Certificate, Sydney Technical College

  • Builder's Licence NSW (not current)

  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of New South Wales

  • Real Estate Certificate, Sydney Technical College

  • Bachelor of Science, University of New South Wales

  • Commonwealth University Scholarship

Jerry co-founded Tyrrells Property Inspections more than 30 years ago and has supervised the inspection of, or directly inspected, almost 80,000 properties. Jerry Tyrrell has over forty years experience in the building, architectural and timber pest industry. He has hands-on experience in most building trades, and has designed, built, supervised and project managed building projects from $5,000 to $8m. He is committed to providing the best possible advice about property and building work, from the first design idea through every stage of the buildings' life.

His special interests are:

  • Building failures and the durability and performance of buildings
  • Pre-purchase advice for all classes of buildings
  • Quality assurance of the building process including risk assessment of documents, inspections of building under construction and preparation of defect reports
  • Building maintenance
  • Fire safety
  • Detailing of remedial work
  • Structural timber pests of buildings and assessment of timber pest (including termite) damage
  • Liability claims against building, timber pest and architectural professionals
  • Personal injury and assessment of hazards
  • Prevention and resolution of building disputes
  • Strategic planning of larger or more complex projects
  • Assisting owners with design and approval of their buildings
  • Education of all participants in the building process.

  • has inspected, built or overseen the inspection of almost 80,000 properties (including 46,000 timber pest inspections) or buildings under construction or requiring maintenance.
  • is instructed by most major insurers in liability, negligence and personal accident cases. He has overseen or advised in over 11,000 expert matters including claims in excess of $50m.
  • is a regular adviser to media on property, building and timber pest related matters.
  • is a contributor to numerous publications and periodicals including the Law Society Journal, the Sydney Morning Herald and is the author of ongoing CPD series in Connections Magazine.
  • is a regular presenter of over 50 papers to consumers, legal, real estate, architectural, timber pest, building surveyors, building consultants and building industry.
  • Member Australian Institute of Building
  • Member Housing Industry Association
  • Member Master Painter's Association
  • Member of the Standards Association Committee on Termite Protection of Buildings
  • Chairman and Member of Standards Association Committee on the Timber Pest Inspections
  • Member of Standards Association Committee on Property Inspections
  • Consultant to the Building Research Centre, Institute of Building Consultants and Standards Australia, New South Wales Government and Federal Government
  • Founder of the Institute of Building Consultants and inaugural President
  • Co-founder of Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW

I particularly like inspecting larger facilities and resolving complex problems, including major disputes between reasonable parties when everyone sees the commercial benefit of the clarity and fairness of my knowledge and judgment.

I am also very interested in prevention of consumer mistakes and unnecessary disputes and improving consumer knowledge about the best way to build or renovate.


  • Contractor's Handbook (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW and Salvation Army) with Craig Redfern

  • Emergency Flipchart (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW and EMS) with Shane Park
  • Emergency Procedure Manual (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW and EMS) with Shane Park
  • Essential Services Manual (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW and EMS) with Tony Ransley and Shane Park

  • Owner-Builder Handbook (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW) with Tony Ransley and Jane Tyrrell

  • Keeping Pests out of Buildings (Standards Australia)

  • The Property Maintenance Handbook (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW) with Tony Ransley

  • The Home Key (The Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited)
  • House Hunting - A Consumer's Guide to Buying A Home in Australia (Allen & Unwin)

  • Control of Termite Infestations in Commonwealth Construction Projects (Department of Administrative Services)

  • The Pest Pack - A Consumer's Guide To Do-It-Yourself Pest Inspections (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW)
  • The Motorists' Emergency Handbook (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW)
  • Building Failure Reports Nos 1 - 3 (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW) with Tim Tyrrell

  • House Hunting - A Consumer's Guide to Buying A Home in Australia (Penguin 1991)
  • The Survival First Aid Emergency Handbook (Tyrrells Property Inspections NSW 1988), Australian Design Award winner 1991

  • Practice Paper RE 21 Property Inspections (College of Law)

  • Detailing of Domestic Scale Architecture (Thesis)